The Importance of Gathering


The Importance of Gathering

Hello, I am Stephanie Baker, creator of Gather - A Festive DIY Studio in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Gather is a fun place to get together with friends and create something with your hands! I focus on offering fresh, fun designs that are exciting to create and stand the test of time.

We make indigo dyed fabrics, recycled wood cutting boards, hand-knit winter hats, and woven wall hangings, to name a just few of the classes.  We even explore the culinary world a bit with cheese making, kombucha, and sourdough bread classes.  My purpose for Gather is to create a warm, welcoming environment where people of all ages and lifestyles come to learn a new craft or specialty.  Every issue of Homelife, I will be contributing a new project for you try out!   You can go to to find step by step instructions on how to complete each project, or you can come to Gather in Harbor Springs and take the class!

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a growing trend where we all tend to overcommit, live too fast, and neglect ourselves and our friendships.  Think about it, when was the last time you spent a really rewarding evening with your pals that didn’t have a purpose like celebrating someone’s birthday or a baby shower or attending a Christmas party?  

I recently stumbled upon a TED talk about just this, and it completely resonated with me and my purpose for Gather.  It talks about how important it is to turn get-togethers into consistent gatherings so we can build the kinds of relationships that fulfill and sustain us. 

When I am feeling stressed out and overcommitted, the first thing to go is a planned get-together or that crafty class I signed up for with my girlfriends.  But in many ways, it is probably the very thing that would fill me up the most and keep me going! 

I brought this topic up with my girlfriends, sent them the video, and we immediately set a weekly date to get together at Gather.   We decided that the best way to keep up our weekly gathering was make them have a worthwhile purpose.  We planned a weekly “Maker’s Night” as a way to connect with each other and also create something new for ourselves or to give as a gift.  And true to the name, we also drink whiskey.  This last week we got together and created this modern take on a woven wall hanging.  

Making something with your own two hands is therapeutic and reduces stress, it grounds you and gets you to focus on something other than your next errand, what you’re making for dinner, or your to-do list.  You focus on the present, which is the art you are creating and the company surrounding you.  And you are actually getting something done because you are making new napkins for your home, a piece of art for your walls, or a gift for a friend.  So come to the Gather studio in beautiful Harbor Springs and take a class or two! You can find a listing of all current classes here. More classes are being added every day!

If you’re interested in that video, here you go!

Stephanie Baker