Denim Embroidery

Denim Embroidery


Come to Gather on June 21 at 6pm, and BYOD - Bring Your Own Denim! Embroidering old denim pieces is a fun way to freshen them up by adding a touch of color with a few simple embroidery techniques.

To begin, the class will go over a few basic stitches, practicing them on a scrap swatch while trying out different colors before deciding on a final design. Then you’ll begin hand stitching a design of your choice onto the denim you brought! Following introductory directions, studio assistance will continue to be provided throughout class, along with stitched examples for design reference. No prior embroidery experience is needed.

All you need to bring is jeans or a denim jacket (cotton, no stretch is ideal but we’ll find a way to work with whatever you’ve got!) A full spectrum of thread color choices will be available, and patterns on display will include a striped look and a simple abstract star/flower/dot design.

This class costs $25 and you leave class with your newly updated, hand embroidered, wearable denim art piece!

Please note that you have not signed up until you receive an email confirmation. Checking out on the Gather site is just like checking out on any other site - you will pay online.  If you cannot make it to class, refunds are not given, but you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend or reschedule to a different class. 

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